Why Everyone Needs An Email Marketing List (Even If You Have Nothing To Sell)

Email is one of the most profitable marketing channels.


But the thing is, it takes TIME to build an engaged and loyal email list. ⏰

And this is where most businesses go wrong…


They wait to start an email list until they’re “ready” to sell something. ⁠

BUT, then when they are finally ready to start promoting or selling their product, they have to wait EVEN LONGER before they see the profits come in.




Because they have to go through the time-consuming process of building up their email list – and trust us when we say this can take a 🔥 hot minute 🔥


This is why we recommend getting ahead of the game and starting your list early – even if you don’t have a product or service to sell yet.


While everyone else is scrambling to get their email lists to get new customers and leads, you will already have an audience that:


🤝 Trusts you
💸 Is ready to buy


So if you have been putting off starting an email list because of your fear of not having anything to sell to them yet…


This is your sign to START THE LIST!!! 📝


And if you’re not sure WHERE to start, check out these great resources 👇

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