5 Tips on How to Start Marketing a New Business


Welcome to “Marketing Mondays” with 12 Creative – your news source for quick tactical marketing tips you can apply in your business. We’re thrilled to kickstart this new series, and for this first edition – we wanted to take you through a real-life scenario that happened with me (Eric) 👋 here at the office.
We got a call a few weeks ago, and I picked up the phone. 📞 The person at the other end of the line sounded nervous but also excited. The conversation went something like this:

Eric: Good Afternoon, 12 Creative!

John: Hi there, my name is John. I have a brand new fencing company that I just started here in Edmonton. We build new fences in and around the Edmonton area!

He goes on to tell me that this is his first business, has no marketing budget, and wants to know how to get new clients.

Now, I know at this time he’s not ready for our managed marketing services, so what did I do instead? I gave him 5 tips that I would do to exponentially grow his business this summer, which I’m now going to share with you!


The first thing that John needs to do is build a website. This is SO important because needs a place that he can direct his potential customers to.

Instead of building a custom website with us here at 12 Creative, I told him to go to SquareSpace, Wix or one of the other many amazing website builders out there. Start for as low as $15. All that John needs to do is set up a very quick landing page that contains a brief about his company, some before and after photos of his work, a list of his services, and of course a contact form.


John needs to stand out from every other fencing company in town – but how?

I told him to create some irresistible offers to go along with his estimates in order to not only WIN the job bid, but to help him stand out from everyone else that bids on the project.

Here’s how this could look:

Enhance your service with speed and timing. John could offer next day quotes, quick job starts (because who doesn’t want to enjoy their yard before summer is over?)

Value add bonus offers to go along with your estimates.
For example:

Offer to come back once within the next year (or anytime in the future as per the clients request) and stain/protect the fence for $500/off! This bonus adds significant value, plus John could build a new business out for painting fences down the road!

Throw in a free upgrade (high end finishes, handles, brackets, etc.)

Throw in a complimentary service (maybe free yard clean up or garbage disposal – you are there anyways!)

We will take away your current and existing fence for FREE.

Add an AMAZING guarantee!

“If the fence moves or shifts within the next 2 years, we will come fix it for no extra charge.”

“Our team will come back and inspect the fence in 1 month after installation to ensure everything is up to standards and that you’re satisfied with the installation.”

“If we don’t complete your fence in “x” time, we will “insert your offer.”

PRO TIP: John could run a special 10% off July special for his first 10 clients to capture attention. In August, John could run a new special and so on. John can change up the special for each month, season, holiday, or whatever his heart desires.


The next thing John has to do is put the word out to get his phone ringing. Here’s what I recommended:

Post on Facebook Marketplace
Post on Kijiji (you may want to spend $50 to get your post highlighted.)
Post on all your social media streams ( Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn and more )
Print posters and put them up in local coffee shops (with their permission, of course)


Build partnerships with other companies that already have your customers. Here’s a few ideas:

Call bigger general contacting and construction companies, (you don’t want to do any renovation work, and they generally don’t want to do outdoor fencing).

Call painting companies build a partnership with them to enhance your offer. John could ask them to do something such as, “get a complimentary $250/$500 coupon for fence paint jobs.” Let them know you are going to be giving this to every one of your clients. They will also come across fences that need replacement and they want a trusted contractor to send their way – that’s where you come in!

Contact property management companies. Say you partner with one property management company – they may have dozens or hundreds of properties that they take care of that could use your help.

Contact yard work companies and build a partnership with them to give a complimentary clean up and mow for all of your clients.


Keep your customers calling you by building up a steady stream of referrals. Here’s 3 ideas I had:

Give each current client a small discount for having your sign on their lawns for 2 weeks.

Let them know that for every client they send your way, you will give them a $100 gift card (trust me – their neighbours will be in awe of their new fence build).

Build a commission/bonus program for each of your partners – painters, contractors, and even yard service companies.


Now I know this is more than 5 tips, however I wanted to share with you a few of the other marketing ideas I shared with John.

1. Post on all social media platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Here are some content ideas:

Before and After Photos
Limited-time Sales
Blog content that will send people back to your website
2. Create great website content!
Add a blog section on your website! Topics could include:
“Vinyl fences vs Wood Fences.”
“How much building a fence costs in Edmonton in 2023.”
“Does your fence need replacing? Here’s how to check.”
and that’s all we got for this week!

Thanks to John for being the inspiration for our first newsletter, and to you for making it to the end of our first edition of Marketing Mondays! Be sure to stay subscribed to be provided with more concise, easy-to-understand answers to your burning marketing questions. 🔥

If you have any specific marketing questions you want answered, DM us on Instagram or shoot us an e-mail and we’ll be sure to answer them in this newsletter!

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