How to Become an Expert in A Niche

They say riches are in the niches! And there are definite benefits to being a specialist versus a generalist. By being a specialist, you will have clearer ideas on a projects outlook, a better understanding of the time and costs involved, and be able to create pre-packaged services and solutions. But before you get there, you have to become an expert first.


Firstly, you have to find your niche.
Find your niche by intersecting your passions and interests with problems you can solve.


Next, create a one sentence solution you can easily market and add to your socials. E.g. I help restaurants grow through video marketing.


Build Credibility
Do a few projects in exchange for video testimonials and case studies. This is a great way to build and grow partnership and credibility!


Use your expertise to create packaged solutions and use price anchoring. Use your testimonials to showcase your solutions!


Create a Podcast or YouTube Show
Share your wisdom and learn from other experts and leaders in your niche. Educate, entertain and inspire others with your content. Podcasts and vlogs also allow for easy partnerships and collaboration!


Create a Free Lead Magnet
Contribute to your niche’s community by creating something that offers value. Even moreso, share this lead magnet on your socials and through ads.


Don’t Be a Stranger
Be active in online groups within your niche and attend meet ups. Can’t find any? Create your own online groups and host your own meet ups!


Build on Your Brand
Grow your social media by sharing your tips and tricks about your niche.


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