Bring in More Customers with ZERO Advertising Dollars

Advertising and brand awareness don’t have to cost you and your company big bucks! Here are some key tips and tricks to help get the word out for zero ad dollars.


Don’t be a Stranger
Join networking, community and online groups where your customers are.


Build Partnerships
Collaborate with other businesses that align and compliment yours.


Start Hosting
Host a free event, workshop, webinar, or open house to showcase your business and give value to your potential customers.


Link up & Giveaway
Partner with a business or content creator to do a fun giveaway. Diversify your audience and gain some new-found attention.


Create Educational Videos or Tutorials
Share some of your wisdom and showcase your expertise.


Start a Podcast or Vlog
Educate, entertain and inspire others with your content. Podcasts and vlogs also allow for easy partnerships and collaboration!


Exchange Services
You scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours. Why not exchange services with your potential client?


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