12TV Ep.5: Sean Farmer, Why Positivity is Key and Building a Bespoke Fashion Brand

12TV. Episode 5: Sean Farmer – Suits by Curtis Eliot

In this episode, we chat Business, Branding and Marketing with entrepreneur and bespoke fashion brand owner Sean Farmer.

Sean is a successful entrepreneur who has built Western Canada’s largest indoor beer festival, Edmonton’s International Beerfest and bespoke fashion label Suits by Curtis Eliot, which has seen the likes of the runways at the New York Fashion show.

From the Grammy’s to the NHL appearances his custom tailored suits aim to change the way men think about bespoke clothing. Suits by Curtis Eliot is paving the way for a one of a kind shopping experience. Previously featured in international publications to numerous TV appearances, Sean shares key takeaways for entrepreneurs with any level of experience.


Suits by Curtis Eliot

Edmonton’s International Beer Fest


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