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The City of St. Albert

In our recent collaboration with the City of St. Albert's established Economic Development department, our creative team embarked on an exciting journey to encapsulate the department's vision and mission through a vibrant rebranding strategy. Recognizing the significance of economic growth and innovation, we crafted captivating headlines that resonated with the community and investors alike, ensuring each phrase reflected the city’s ambitions for prosperity and development. Our selection of colours was meticulously chosen to represent St. Albert's vibrant culture and the dynamic future of its economy - a palette that combines tradition with a forward-looking optimism. Moreover, we went a step further to create custom illustrations that uniquely symbolize St. Albert's economic landscape, incorporating elements that highlight the city's key industries, community spirit, and the natural beauty of its surroundings. These illustrations not only add a distinctive visual identity to the department but also engage and inspire the community and stakeholders.


Through these creative endeavours, we have proudly contributed to establishing a strong and appealing brand identity for the City of St. Albert's Economic Development department, aimed at fostering growth, innovation, and a thriving future.

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