Skyrocketing a Digital Marketing Agency with Scott Cunningham 🚀

Last week, Eric sat down and chatted with Scott Cunningham who is the co-founder of two incredibly successful marketing companies. He’s also a speaker who has shared the stage with names such as Gary Vee, Neil Patel, Alex Hormozi, and Arnold Schwarzenegger – to name a few.


Scott is actually someone who helped Eric when he was just started 12 Creative, and since then it’s been incredible to watch his growth.


In this episode, we chat Business, Branding, Marketing and Growth with CEO, Founder and Shopify Expert Scott Cunningham of Social Lite Communications and Merchant Mastery.


In this podcast episode, we talk about how Scott got started in the industry and his “accidental entrepreneurship,” the trials and errors of starting your own agency, how he found his companies’ niches. We also discussed embracing the fear, his experience with public speaking and feeling like the stage is now his “workplace,” managing a work-life balance as a father, husband, and business owner – and so much more!


Whether you’re a business owner, have been in the marketing industry for years or you’re just getting started, interested in e-commerce, a fellow creative, or are just wanting to listen to a good conversation – this episode of 12TV is for you.



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