Halloween Campaigns We Love

Happy (almost) Halloween!

It’s that spooky time of year again – and what better way to celebrate than by exploring the creativity that brands brings with their Halloween campaigns?


Halloween advertising is a great way to engage target audiences and boost sales ahead of the pivotal holiday shopping season. It helps businesses to:


✓ Attract new customers
✓ Engage clients
✓ Boost their brand
✓ Generate new leads
✓ Increase sales


Check out some of these “scary” good ads, and get inspired for your next holiday campaigns.



Jeep deployed a memorable campaign for Halloween back in 2019, using brilliant minimal Halloween-themed visuals and the iconic Jeep front grill.




Last year, Liquid Death teamed up with Martha Stewart for a shocking Halloween collaboration: the “Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle.” In an unexpected twist, the commercial features Stewart calmly endorsing the candle amidst screams, fake blood, and heavy metal music. The shock factor is high, and it strangely works! ️




M&M’s takes Halloween seriously, and there’s nothing scarier for trick-or-treaters than receiving healthy snacks in their candy buckets. In their famous 2018 ad, M&M’s playfully reminds Halloween shoppers that the only acceptable sweet treat for October didn’t begin as a grape.


UNICEF – Adding meaning to your Halloweening 

Since 1950, UNICEF has distributed its iconic orange boxes to children on Halloween for collecting donations while they embark on their trick-or-treating adventures. In 2022, UNICEF started to embrace the digital age. They transformed their traditional orange boxes into QR codes, making it easy for people to donate anytime, anywhere.



Using ketchup as fake blood has been a signature move for years, and in 2021 – Heinz leaned into this brilliantly by reimagining their classic ketchup with a limited edition “Tomato Blood.”
In Los Angeles, they had event set up a pop-up store where visitors could craft costumes using this faux blood. For those not in the area, a Halloween Heinz Blood costume kit was available for online purchase. It was BRILLIANT!


In 2017, the remake of the infamous IT movie came out in theatres, which led to clown costumes being the third most sought-after Halloween costume that year.
That year, Burger King made an ad that truly stood out by taking this clown opportunity to troll their known nemesis’ – McDonald’s – mascot Ronald.
All over the world, people were invited to ‘Come as a clown, eat like a king’ and Burger King would give away a free whopper to anyone that came to its restaurants dressed as a clown on Halloween night.

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