7 Ways to Conquer B2B Lead Generation and Marketing

Lead generation is crucial for any business, and B2B marketers should be especially focused on optimizing their lead generation efforts. Using our expertise and experience, we’ve put together seven tips to help you on your quest to land more B2B leads—No more feeling as if you’re “shooting in the dark.”


1. Create Case Studies

One of the best ways to get in front of your prospects is to build learning tools, including great case studies. Case studies showcase previous success stories and help your potential clients understand how you can help solve their problem(s). Keep it short and keep it simple. Showcase the problem, show the roadmap, and highlight how company “x” is now relieved from that challenge.


  • Make your case studies downloadable on your website  
  • Use case studies as blog posts 
  • Build PDF handouts that you can send to prospects 
  • Also, use pre-built PDFs as lead magnets for your online ads


2. Create Educational Videos

Videos are one of the best formats to educate your customers on how your products and services help their business grow. Create short-form videos to showcase your product, a case study, or showcase tips and tricks that will give value to your potential customers. 


  • Create an online workshop or webinar allowing you to meet, network and interact with your customers. 
  • Record your session to create an evergreen webinar or video you can use on youtube/website or send to potential customers. 
  • Create a video series highlighting different aspects of your product or services in multiple parts and upload it to YouTube as a tool to build an audience. 

Tools we love: EasyWebinarStreamYardCamo


3. Leverage Partnerships

Having the right type of partnerships helps grow your company, opens opportunities and is a great way to expand your audience. One of our favourite and easiest ways to grow B2B leads is to think about “who has your customers?” Where do your customers hang out? Who are your customers talking to before you? This is where you want to build key partnerships.

Here are some examples:
Do you sell dental clinic software? Find dental equipment sales representatives who work with dentists looking to open new clinics.

Do you sell homes? Talk to mortgage brokers where people start their process by looking for financing options for their next home.

Do you design cleaning services for businesses? Talk to business insurance brokers, join company networking groups or talk to business accountants, who speak to business owners daily.

To reiterate, partner with who comes to your customer’s top-of-mind first; Partner with someone who already has your customers.

Tip: Reward these win-win partnerships by sending them business too or giving referral bonuses incentives.


4. Create Free Resources

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: give value, give value, give value! ​​Whether it’s a free course or a cheat sheet, creating accessible resources continuously gives value to your audience and establishes you as an expert in your industry.


5. Join the Conversation

Be an active voice in your industry and community, whether in Facebook groups, Reddit, Twitter, or Quora; your contributions foster and grow your industry.


6. Become the Expert
Find your niche on social media, create carousels, provide your audience with value, create a newsletter and get featured on guest blogs, podcasts and YouTube. Establish yourself as the expert in your industry and earn more trust and credibility with your audience.

Read more about how to find your niche and become and expert in our blog post here: How to Be an Expert in Your Niche


7. Cold Outreach
Build brand awareness and establish connections with individuals who may or may not know of your or have a prior relationship with your business. We’re talking cold emails, phone calls and connecting with others on social media—LinkedIn is great for B2B. However, don’t forget to add value when you reach out! Attach case studies or free resources to show new connections to your skill and expertise.


Final Thoughts

The B2B lead generation and marketing process can be highly challenging. It requires a lot of time and effort, especially if you’re in the early stages of building your business. There are specific strategies that, when properly implemented, increase the chances of landing more qualified prospects. If you want to learn more, find more resources below or contact us for a complimentary consultation. 


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