How to Market Your Business During a Lockdown

How to Market Your Business During a Lockdown

The #1 question we are getting as marketing agency owners is.. What should my business be doing in terms of marketing during the lockdown?


1. Stay Social During Social Distancing

Build an audience  for 90 Days From Now 

Keep your brand visible – remember branding is a long term game. It’s important to continue building your relationship with your clients even during social distancing. 


2. Stay in Touch with your Clients

While you may be out of touch on a face to face basis with your customers and clients, It’s important to to be staying in touch with them thru

Social media

One on One Phone calls 
Brand awareness campaigns – Stay Even More Visible
Host a Webinar

Host conference calls with your Clients


3. Create Content

Now is a good time to really think about who your audience is, who do you serve, and how do you provide value?

Create a podcast
Create a vlog series
Have you and your team contribute to your companies blog
Create an ebook

4. Provide and Sell Online Content


  • Can your business teach a course, do a workshop?
  • If you are a service-based business, can you provide free training 
  • If you are a gym can you provide one on one fitness virtual training,  realtors and home builders do virtual tours, the restaurant provides online cooking classes?
  • Can you teach skills from your business to others?. E.g. sales training, marketing courses, create e-books 

5. Collaborate with like-minded people and business

Team up with other people in your industry or like-minded individuals business owners or friends to help leverage audiences. 

Community Groups
Facebook Groups
Branding made easy
LinkedIn Groups
Blog posts, features, giveaways,
Lives Broadcasts


6. Run Brand Awareness Digital Ads

Absolutely, the last thing you want to do is stop all google ads and Facebook ads. Staying relevant at this time using the right messaging is important. You will be paying less CPC ( Cost Per Click ) as there will be fewer advertisers to compete against. 


Remember innovation and evolution are a result of having to adapt and respond to the current environment.



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